Sunday, June 7, 2009

We're on YouTube!

Other than what I call my "day job" (IT Consulting, and the Vet Shop,, my life this summer is pretty much dominated by the project at the Ballard Locks. The Summer Term has started back at Shippensburg University so now my volunteering takes on the form of an internship for credit toward my masters degree. I'm also taking an online course about archives, which happens to be taught by my graduate advisor, Dr. Steven Burg.

Since the online class is taught through Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, and I assume that the rest of the class live locally, there will be a couple of "in-person" class meetings. Obviously, spending the summer here in Seattle, I will not be able to attend. In lieu of that, Dr. Burg asked that I make a YouTube video introducing myself to the class. That turned out to be a fun weekend project. Although I really hate seeing myself in pictures or video, I'd like to share it with you (here if the embed is not working):

So, hello to all the folks I'll be chatting with in my online class this summer. We're making great progress with our slide and photo scanning. Aproximately 1500 images scanned so far. We've also started cleaning and organizing one of the storage rooms that we'll use for our archives. We'll be having our first volunteer organization meeting (working name of the group is "Friends of the Ballard Locks) on June 18th, at 6:30 pm at the Locks. Contact us for more details if you'd like to attend. Anyone interested is welcome. And as always, if you are in the Seattle area and would like to volunteer some time to our project, please contact me at

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